That is why it is not possible to defeat Hamas despite the terrible destruction

Last Updated on June 26, 2024 9:10 am

After an unprecedented attack by Hamas on October 7 last year, Israel swooped on Gaza, vowing to “crush and wipe out” the Palestinian armed group. So that Hamas can never become a threat to the country.

Eight months have passed since that Israeli operation in Gaza. More than 37,000 Palestinian civilians have lost their lives in these eight months. A large proportion of the victims were women and children. Much of Gaza has been reduced to rubble. About 80 percent of Gaza’s people are displaced, starving, and famine is imminent in the tiny territory. But despite all this, Hamas was not weakened. Foreign Affairs magazine said in a report that despite Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, the power of Hamas is steadily increasing.

Foreign Affairs reports an analysis of Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas. It said that despite the martyrdom of many Palestinians, Hamas has full control over large areas of Gaza, especially areas where civilians have taken refuge. In addition, Gazans have overwhelming support for this organization. And because of this support, as soon as Israeli forces leave any part of Gaza, it falls under Hamas control. According to Israel’s own recent assessment, Hamas’ presence in northern Gaza has increased.

source of strength

What is usually meant by a country’s military power does not apply to Hamas. Hamas has no state structure but is a completely private organization. The main strength of such non-governmental resistance organizations, including Hamas, is their ability to recruit popular support and fighters. The main strength of such an organization is the number of its fighters. And the matter of admitting these fighters depends only on their popularity. As Hamas has gained a foothold in the hearts of the Gazans, they have no shortage of fighters and thus defeating Hamas is not possible.

Results of public opinion polls

The Gazans’ support for the anti-Israel operation launched by Hamas on October 7 last year has not decreased but increased due to the heavy bombardment of the Zionist Israel on Gaza for the past nine months. An opinion poll conducted last March showed that 73% of Palestinians think Hamas did the right thing as Gaza’s military force by launching the October 7 operation. As a result of this Palestinian belief, Hamas has been able to recruit a new generation of youth to its fold.

Military means are not working to defeat Hamas

After nine months of devastating war, it is time to realize that Hamas cannot be defeated by military means alone. It is indeed an organization much larger than its current army numbers and is not just an ideology. Hamas is a political and social movement that cannot be eradicated under any circumstances.

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