The number of corpses in the mass grave of Khan Yunis of Gaza has increased to 190

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 5:14 am

Hundreds more bodies were found in a mass grave discovered in front of Nasser Hospital in the besieged Palestinian city of Khan Yunis. As a result, the number of dead bodies has increased to 190. Palestinian state news agency Wafa confirmed this information.

On October 7 last year, Israel launched a military offensive in Gaza after Hamas’s surprise attack. Starting from homesteads, residential buildings, hospitals, schools-colleges, mosques-churches were targeted by indiscriminate bombing. Killing innocent and unarmed ordinary Palestinians.

Most of the hospitals were destroyed within a few months of the start of the campaign. Last February (February 15), Israeli forces raided Nasser Hospital, the main hospital in southern Gaza. At that time, some of the indiscriminate killings by the Israeli soldiers and the disastrous situation in the hospital came up in the international media.

After nearly two months of surrounding the hospital, Israel withdrew its troops on April 7. Then a mass grave was found in front of the hospital. The Palestinian Emergency Services Department opened the mass grave. At first, it was reported that 50 bodies were found.

According to an Al Jazeera report published on Sunday (April 21), in a statement, the Palestinian Emergency Services Department said that their team found the bodies of 50 martyrs of various ages in Khan Yunis.

The statement further said that our team will carry out search and rescue operations in the coming days to find the bodies of the remaining martyrs. Because there are still a considerable number of martyrs’ bodies there (in the city).

As time passed, the number of dead bodies increased. According to the latest information from the Palestinian state media Wafa, 190 bodies were found in the mass grave. This number is expected to increase further. This mass grave in Nasser hospital is another big proof that Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the rampage of the occupying Israeli forces does not stop in Gaza. About 1.7 million of the 2.3 million Gazans displaced by the Israeli offensive have taken refuge in Rafah. But after the destruction of other areas of Gaza, now the Israeli forces are targeting Rafah.

Attacks are happening every moment of every day. At least 48 people died in Gaza on Sunday (April 21), the 198th day of Israeli aggression. Another 79 people were injured. Among them, 15 people from the same family were killed. Out of which 2 are women and 13 are children.

Israel has continued its massacres in the war-torn Palestinian territories for the past seven months. According to the latest information, the death toll stands at 34 thousand 97 people. The number of injured is 76 thousand 980. Besides, another 7 thousand are missing.

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