The United Arab Emirates reported alarming information about foreign workers

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 9:21 am

Forty-nine percent of employers in the Middle Eastern country of the United Arab Emirates said many foreign workers arriving in the country come without employment papers.

That’s according to the latest research published by recruiting firm Robert Huff on Tuesday (June 25).

Many foreigners move to this wealthy Middle Eastern country on a visit visa (usually a three-month visa) to find lucrative jobs in the emirate’s promising labor market. Among them, the lucky ones get jobs and employers give them employment visas. And those who do not find any job, have to return to their country with a heavy heart. But some instead of going back to the country get into low paying jobs.

Earlier, in October 2022, the UAE introduced a special visa (Job Exploration Visa) aimed at finding a job. Along with that, there was an opportunity to stay in the country with a three-month visa. Foreign nationals arriving at that time have the opportunity to find desirable jobs across the emirate. Due to the country’s growing economy and increased employment opportunities, the Emirates government took such an exceptional initiative.

Gareth L. Metori, director of Middle East affairs at Robert Huff, said, ‘The country offers a relatively good climate, tax-free earnings and a diverse multicultural lifestyle for foreign workers. This has made the emirate an attractive workplace in the Middle East for many foreign workers. They strongly believe that once they reach the Emirates, they will easily find high-paying jobs.’

According to Global Recruitment Consultancy, the recent large presence of foreign workers in the country has increased the opportunity for the country’s employers to choose good workers at low wages. A year ago, this was not the case, the company said.

As the job market expands, the country’s employers are finding desirable workers from among the large number of foreign workers. 43 percent of employers say they can now easily find good workers at lower wages.

Source: Khaleej Times

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