There is a terrible conflict in Myanmar, residents are fleeing to Thailand

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 12:00 am

Conflict is increasing day by day in Myanmar. The number of people fleeing the border town of Mayawaddy to the Thai city of Mae So has doubled this week as fighting escalates.

The flow of people fleeing to Thailand continues after the fall of the border town of Mayawaddy to anti-junta rebel forces in Myanmar.

Rows of people were seen at the Thai border crossing on Friday morning. Many are fleeing to Thailand for fear of airstrikes.

Myanmar’s military has lost control of a bridge in the town of Mayawaddy on the border with Thailand after days of fighting with rebel forces.

On Thursday, about 200 soldiers of Myanmar’s junta forces escaped from the bridge in Mayawaddi town of Kayon state.

Myanmar’s military-ruled government is battling armed rebel groups in several regions. Junta forces have suffered back-to-back defeats in many battles in the border region.

The town of Mayawaddy is near the town of Mae So in Thailand. As the junta forces retreated, they lost control of another key border crossing.

The anti-junta group Karen National Union (KNU) is leading the fight against the junta forces in Mayawaddi. Controlling the city strengthened the group’s position.

However, there is a fear of a counter-attack by the Myanmar army in the city. Myanmar’s army may launch another operation there, backed by the air force, in an attempt to recapture the city.

As a result, there is a danger that the fight will increase in the coming days, an assistant professor of Southeast Asia Studies at a university in Thailand thinks.

A resident of Mayawaddi crossed the border into Thailand with his 5-year-old son. He said that he fled from the border town of Myanmar due to fear of air attack.

Another mother who gathered in the border town of Mae So, Thailand, said her house was shaken by the loud noise. They were forced to leave their homes in fear due to the sound of the bomb. They can no longer bomb in Thailand, he said.

The number of people fleeing Mayawaddy to the Thai city of Mae So has doubled this week to about 4,000 a day as fighting in Myanmar escalates.

Thai Prime Minister Shretha Thavisin said on Thursday that Myanmar’s fighting should not spill over into Thailand.

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