Why the Muslim world is silent after the massacre in Gaza; Analysis of Daily Sabah

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 4:08 am

The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza is a clear cause of concern for every Muslim state. However, unfortunately, the Muslim countries of the world refrain from reacting strongly to this incident.

The language of protest in the Muslim countries of the world is limited to condemnation and criticism. These Muslim countries are essentially incapable of taking any serious action on Gaza. The Turkish media Daily Sabah has highlighted some of the reasons why the Muslim countries of the world are unable to show any significant response against Israel’s atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

In the context of the Arab world, the Muslim rulers of some countries see Palestine as a burden. They believe that any action they take in Palestine will have a negative impact on the country’s relations with the world’s powerful states.

However, even if Israel occupied the whole of Palestine, it is believed that the level of concern of the Muslim rulers would be less because the rulers are also facing pressure from the people of their own country as such atrocities and massacres continue in Gaza. And for this reason, even if no effective action can be taken, the countries are at least protesting or condemning Israel.

There is also a significant military aspect to the non-protest of Muslim countries against Israel.

Pakistan is the only Muslim majority country with nuclear capability. But the geographical location of this country is far from Palestine. Therefore, Pakistan cannot take any effective action against Israel even if it wants to. On the other hand, neighboring countries and Muslim countries, both Arab and non-Arab, are lagging behind in terms of nuclear weapons.

Israel will not use nuclear bombs on Gaza. Because it may damage Israel’s own territory. In addition, after the use of nuclear bombs, Gaza will become uninhabitable.

But it can drop nuclear bombs on other countries without hesitation. And because Muslim countries are sure about this, they don’t want to get involved in any trouble with Israel.

Muslim countries receive major aid from Western countries including the United States. Israel is a staunch ally of the United States. For this reason, Muslim countries do not want to give strong support to Palestine by displeasing the United States.

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