World should stop Netanyahu: Jordanian foreign minister

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 3:37 am

For the first time in history, Iran has launched an attack targeting Israeli territory. In response, Israel is also looking for ways to take revenge, arranging various plans. However, Jordan blamed Israel for the situation between Iran and Israel. This accusation was made less than a week after the attack on Iran by strongly criticizing Netanyahu.

Jordan has been criticized in the Muslim world for shooting down several drones launched by Iran before they reached Israel. In this situation, the speech came unexpectedly from the side of the country.

The Middle East Monitor published such news according to Reuters.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference with the German foreign minister in Berlin on Tuesday (April 16).

Ayman said the world should stop Netanyahu. He is responsible for raising the current tension.

The Jordanian leader also said that the country has avenged the death of an official in the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. Iran has said it does not want to go into any more conflict. He does not want to increase the tension again. But Netanyahu is dragging it out. Because he wants to divert the world’s attention from the war in Gaza. Iran issue is being used in this work.

The United States and the United Kingdom are helping Israel to prevent Tehran’s attack. The Muslim country of Jordan has also openly joined them in the battle field. They shot down dozens of Iranian drones.

Meanwhile, after that cooperation to Israel, the ordinary citizens of Jordan have become angry. They are reacting strongly on social media calling their government unscrupulous.

The Jordanians say their government has committed dishonesty by aiding Israel against Iran. Palestine has taken a stand against the oppressed people of Gaza. Those who have been protesting Israel’s attacks on Gaza for months have been devastated.

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