8 people executed together in Iraq

Last Updated on June 1, 2024 4:43 pm

8 IS members executed simultaneously in Iraq A health official of the country and a security source told the international news agency AFP.

This is the third time in a little more than a month that several people have been executed simultaneously in the country. Courts in Iraq have sentenced hundreds of people to death and life imprisonment in recent years for “terrorism”.

A security source at al-Hat prison in the city of Nasiriyah said eight people had been convicted of terrorism charges. They are members of the Islamic State (IS). They were executed by hanging under the supervision of a team of the Ministry of Justice on Thursday.

Al-Haat in Nasiriyah is a notorious prison. Iraqis believe that those who enter these prisons never come out alive.

Amnesty International’s Iraq researcher Rajo Salihi said, executing the death penalty in this way means that they are not heeding the call to Iraq to stop this punishment. Despite years of opaque justice and evidence of human rights abuses, people continue to be hanged with the death penalty.

On May 6, 11 people were hanged for terrorism in Iraq. Earlier on April 22, such an incident also happened.

In 2014, IS declared a ‘caliphate’ by occupying large areas of Syria and Iraq. IS was defeated by Iraqi forces in 2017 with the help of a US-led military coalition. In 2019, IS was ousted from the last territory it held in Syria. But they still carry out sneak attacks from remote areas and desert hideouts.

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