Arkan Army captures another town in Rakhine

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 11:51 am

The Arakan Army, a rebel group, has taken over the city of Rathidong in Rakhine state from Myanmar’s junta government. Last Sunday night, at least 200 soldiers of the Junta forces fled after two weeks of intense fighting.

According to the Irrawaddy report on the Arakan Army, the junta is using the Rohingyas who have joined the conscription law as human shields to control the areas they hold. Bombing is being carried out by land and sea as well as by air. But the junta forces could not survive in Rathidong.

It is also said that at least two hundred army personnel deployed in the headquarters of three separate infantry forces of the Junta have fled by boat after losing the fight against the Arakan Army for almost two weeks. They left the weapon while leaving.

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