Climate disaster: Floods in countries, people suffer

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 10:09 am

Climate change is increasing the level of natural disasters worldwide. Extreme heat waves, untimely rains, heavy tides, landslides or floods are all causing massive changes in the global climate.

Floods have occurred in the country due to heavy rains this year. People of different countries of the world are suffering from this natural disaster. Loss of life is increasing, displacement is increasing, many have become helpless. AFP, Euro News, NDTV.

Many European countries have been affected by floods this year. Switzerland and Spain were flooded last month. A video circulating on social media shows the horrors of flooding in the western Swiss town of Morges. Madrid in Spain is also affected by the same natural disaster. Severe weather has also affected France and Germany. 40 to 75 mm in France. There has been widespread disruption in rainfall.

Last June, the road from Strasbourg to Paris was closed, disrupting communication. More than 2,000 emergency calls were made to the region during that time. Floods and landslides occur in the Saarland region of Germany. People have been evacuated due to rising water levels, the country’s interior ministry said.

However, no casualty was reported there. In addition, the South Asian country China has been affected by floods for the past few months. Croplands in many villages in the eastern and central parts of the country have been submerged. The farmers of the country are passing the day in extreme suffering. In the meantime, the country’s government is active in rebuilding the flood-damaged roads. 45 million yuan has been allocated.

The country’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Transport allocated 105 million yuan to Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and Guizhou for their urgent road renovation. At least thousands of people have been trapped in their homes by flooding in northern Myanmar, and electricity and phone lines have been cut. Meanwhile, the State Meteorological Office has warned of more heavy rainfall.

Local media Radio Free Asia reported this information. The Ayarwady River is flowing over the “danger line” after days of heavy rain in Myitkyina, a town in northern Kachin state, state media reported. On the other hand, at least 16 people have died in floods and landslides caused by heavy rains in the northeast of India in the last two weeks.

Authorities said on Tuesday that more than three lakh people have lost their homes and been displaced by the flood. The Indian Army and Air Force are helping rescue efforts in Assam, one of the worst-hit states. Thirteen fishermen were brought to safety in a military helicopter early Tuesday morning after being stranded on a small island in the Brahmaputra for four days.

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