Commenting on Kejriwal’s arrest, India summoned the US diplomat

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 4:13 am

Md Khayrul Bashar, Senior Reporter:

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has summoned the US diplomat for commenting on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest. Gloria Barbena, acting deputy head of the US diplomatic mission in Delhi, was seen at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday.

According to a report of the Indian media, Telegraph India, the South Block strongly protested by calling US State Department official Gloria Barbena for commenting on Kejriwal’s arrest in the financial corruption case. Incidentally, the part of the Indian Secretariat where the Ministry of External Affairs is located is called South Block.

Gloria Barbena held a meeting with South Block officials for more than 30 minutes. However, there was no comment from either side on what was discussed in the meeting or what message was given to the US diplomat by India.

According to Indian media, US State Department official Gloria Barbena said regarding the Delhi Chief Minister’s arrest, Washington had encouraged the Indian government to take a fair, transparent and timely legal process for Chief Minister Kejriwal.

Earlier, Kejriwal was arrested on March 21. Earlier, since November last year, the Enforcement Directorate had summoned the Delhi Chief Minister 9 times in the Delhi Excise corruption case; But Kejriwal never responded. Only once did he inform about meeting them virtually. But ED did not agree to that.

In this situation, Kejriwal went to the Delhi High Court to seek bail before his arrest, but it was rejected. Later that night, ED arrested Kejriwal from his Delhi residence. Kejriwal has been in jail since then. From there, he is giving directions to run the Delhi government.

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