The Myanmar army was involved in spreading hate speech against the Rohingya on Facebook

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 4:22 am

Myanmar’s military was behind dozens of Facebook pages that operated to spread hate speech against the Rohingya before violence against the Muslim minority in 2017. This information was given in a report of the United Nations on Wednesday.

Facebook has long been accused of facilitating the spread of widespread hate speech against the Rohingya. In late 2021, Rohingya refugees sued Facebook for $150 billion in damages. They claim that the social media has failed to prevent hate speech directed against them.

The United Nations Independent Investigation Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) said there was clear evidence of covert hate speech campaigns against Myanmar’s military.

Investigators said in a new report that the military “distributed material designed to instill fear and hatred against the Rohingya minority” in a “planned and coordinated” manner.

According to the report, ‘a secret network of social media pages has been created to reach millions of people.’

The investigative team’s new analysis looked at content posted on 43 Facebook pages between July and December 2017. It found that most of the pages had no connection outside the military, and some posted content devoted to celebrity news and popular culture. In fact, through this “an interconnected network-military network was formed on Facebook.” 10 thousand 485 malicious content was detected on the pages.

Investigators identified six pages of hate speech that were removed because they were linked to 20 individuals and organizations banned by Facebook for human rights violations. All but one of which were openly linked to the military.- The Jakarta Post.

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