Israel is on fire in Hezbollah’s rocket attack

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 10:15 am

The rocket attack by Hezbollah, a powerful Lebanese armed group supported by Iran, has caused severe fires in various parts of Bar’am and Ya’run in the northern part of Israel.

On Friday night, a local official of Israel’s fire service said that four fire service teams are working at the scene. The fire is unlikely to spread to other areas, they said.

He also said that Hezbollah launched new rocket attacks in different parts of Israel. Their attacks started a fire. which spread to different places.

Before this, Lebanon’s powerful armed group Hezbollah fired more than 150 rockets at Israel on Wednesday morning.

According to the report of the Times of Israel, this was one of the biggest rocket attacks carried out by Hezbollah targeting Israel in the last 8 months of war.

Tiberius was targeted in that day’s attack. Hizbollah has not fired any rockets in the region before in the ongoing war.

The Times of Israel report also said that no casualties have been reported so far in the rocket attack.

Occupier Israel killed a senior Hezbollah leader in an airstrike in Lebanon on Tuesday night. Armed Hezbollah fired so many rockets in protest against that attack.

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