Japan’s trade ban on China and India

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 9:12 am

Japan has imposed trade sanctions against China, India, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for their alleged support of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The Japanese Foreign Ministry made the announcement on Friday.

Japanese companies are prohibited from exporting goods; These include Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific Links Limited and Shenzhen-based Elufa Electronics Limited. Aljazeera news.

North Korea arms Russia for use in Ukraine war; Because of this, last month, South Korea and Japan imposed a series of sanctions on some individuals, companies and ships of the two countries. After this, the country announced a trade ban on Friday.

On June 12, a report by Al Arabiya on public broadcaster NH said that Japan is considering imposing sanctions on Chinese companies accused of supporting Moscow’s military in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The report specifically mentions that the ban will ban exports from Japan to Chinese companies.

Last week, the US imposed sanctions on more than 300 individuals and entities accused of aiding Russia’s war effort, including China, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the measures would reduce Russia’s ability to benefit from “foreign technology, equipment, software and IT services”.

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