Lebanon’s armed groups showed the power to Israel

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 9:12 am

This time, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah attacked the Iron Dome, the pride of Israel. Hezbollah sent a direct ‘message of resistance’ through this attack.

A Middle East Eye report on Friday said that last Wednesday, Hezbollah hit Israel’s Iron Dome launcher in Ramot Naftali, about 3 km from the border with Lebanon.

However, the video of the attack released on Thursday did not show whether the Iron Dome launcher was damaged or destroyed.

The Israeli forces claim that they have not received any reports of any damage to their Iron Dome launchers.

Geolocating the footage, experts say the attack appears to be real.

Hezbollah’s attack on an Israeli Iron Dome battery earlier this week was the clearest message of resistance since hostilities began on the Israel-Lebanon border last year, according to a military analyst.

Military analyst Mustafa Assad said Hezbollah had gradually released a small sample of its weapons, signaling to Israel that it was “willing to play the last game if necessary”.

Hezbollah is believed to have targeted Israel’s Iron Dome with its powerful Almas 3 missile.

According to analysts, the Almas 3 is a weapon that the Israelis cannot easily counter. It is connected to a fiber optic relay cable. which is guided by an electro-optical guidance system.

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