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Last Updated on May 22, 2024 9:08 am

Currently, one of the weapons that dominate the various battlefields of the world is the Bayraktar Akinchi drone made by Turkey. Akinchi manufactured by Biker Makina Company has joined the fleet of the Turkish military since 2021.

By relying on this drone, Azerbaijan defeated Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Even the success of Akinchi drones in conducting important intelligence operations, starting from attacks on Kurdish rebels in Syria, has caught the attention of military experts.
But unique Akinchi to prove his skills not only in war but also in peace. Akinci played a key role in finding the wreckage after the mysterious crash of the helicopter carrying the late Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. In remote mountainous areas, even in dark and inclement weather, helicopter debris can be identified by only observing temperature changes.

The Turkish-made Akinci drone can fly at a maximum altitude of 40,000 feet at a speed of at least 400 kilometers per hour. However, it is capable of flying at a very slow speed on an exploratory mission. This drone can fly continuously for 24 hours in the sky without any break. Not only that, the ability to fly at high altitudes, night vision and thermal detection technology have given Akinchi the ability to conduct tough operations even in difficult terrain and inclement weather.

Akinchi drone can carry all kinds of deadly missiles like modern fighter jets. It can even park with fully automatic take off and landing without the help of ground system. There is an autopilot system. Akinchi’s most interesting technology is that it can locate the target by itself due to its own sensor fusion, even if the GPS system is ineffective.

In the meantime, due to these advantages of Akinchi, in addition to Turkey, it is being used by the military forces of Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia and Azerbaijan. Many European countries are also waiting to buy the drone. By using this drone, any target can be attacked from air to air or air to ground at the perfect and right time.

Source: Al-Monitor, Eurasian Times

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