That is why Kuwait dissolved the parliament

Last Updated on May 12, 2024 8:32 am

Parliament has been dissolved in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. The Emir of the country Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah made the announcement on television. Al-Jazeera news

At the same time, he suspended some articles of the constitution for more than four years. And during this period, all aspects of the democratic process will be studied, he said.

The country’s state TV said the emir and the country’s cabinet would take over the powers of the National Assembly after the dissolution of parliament.

Emir Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah said, Kuwait has recently gone through very difficult times, which led to difficult decisions to be made to save the country and protect the country’s highest interests. There is no room for hesitation or delay.

This is not the first time; Kuwait has experienced cabinet reshuffles and parliament dissolutions before. This is due to decades of political deadlock.

The Kuwaiti legislature is more influential than the legislatures or similar bodies of other Gulf monarchies.

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