The Holy Kaaba is wrapped in a new gilaf

Last Updated on July 7, 2024 10:17 am

A new gilaf has been installed in the Holy Kaaba Sharif. On Saturday, the old wrapping was removed and wrapped in a completely new wrap.

In the first hour of the Arabic New Year 1446 Hijri, the Gilaf was changed in the Holy Kaaba. The Saudi authorities have taken this initiative since last year to commemorate the Hijri New Year.

Earlier, the Gilaf of the Kaaba was changed every year on the morning of 9th Zilhaj. However, since the last two years, the rule has been changed and the Kaaba Gilaf is being changed on the first day of Hijri New Year.

According to the Saudi news media SPA, the work of changing the Kaaba Ghilaf is done by 169 skilled technicians and craftsmen.

It takes three to four hours to remove the old gilaf of the Kaaba and completely replace the new gilaf on the Kaaba.

More than 200 workers work to prepare the Gilaf of the Holy Kaaba at the King Abdulaziz Kiswah Complex. These employees are involved in various activities in making gilaf.

In this work, the world’s largest sewing machine is used, which is 16 meters long. It is managed through computer system. Through this, other tasks of Gilaf are also completed.

According to the report of Al Arabiya, the black part of the gilaf made of silk is engraved with verses of the Holy Quran on gold wire.

The terminological name of this gilaf is ‘Kiswah’. The Kaaba Gilafti is carefully crafted on the world’s largest swing machine through a massive year-round process.

Gilaf is made in total 56 pieces. And it takes 60 to 120 days to make each one.

The work of changing Kaaba Gilaf starts from Hatim. 1,000 kg of raw silk is used to prepare the covering of the Kaaba, which is dyed black inside the complex.

The complex has state-of-the-art machines to fully manufacture the fabric. Other machines here are used to embroider Quranic verses, verses and prayers.

Before this, these clothes were brought to Kaaba Sharif in special trucks and vehicles from Badshah Abdul Aziz Kiswah Complex.

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