The Turkish Minister of Transport informed about the problem of Raisi’s helicopter

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 9:49 am

Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash. The whole of Iran is saddened by his sudden death. Five days of national mourning is already being celebrated across the country. In the meantime, widespread speculation has started around the accident of Raisi’s helicopter. Investigation is going on. In such a situation, Turkish Transport Minister Abdulkadir Uraloglu opened his mouth about the problem of the helicopter carrying Raisi.

Turkish Minister Abdulkadir Uraloglu said the helicopter carrying Iran’s president and foreign minister did not have its signal system operational or had any such systems. This information has emerged in an urgent study conducted by the Center for Aviation Accidents. It was found that this accident happened due to the weakness of Iran.

“We have tested a signal from the helicopter,” Transport Minister Tuki told reporters. But unfortunately maybe the helicopter’s signal system was off or the helicopter had no signal system at all. As a result we could not identify them.

An official at Turkey’s transport ministry told the BBC they received a call from Iran last night asking for help in detecting the signal. He said, we have checked the signal.

He also said that we do not know whether the helicopter did not have advanced technology or it was kept closed. But it should not be closed even for security reasons. He also commented that all types of aircraft, especially helicopters that carry state officials, should have this system.

Incidentally, the helicopter carrying President Raisi and Foreign Minister Abdollahian and other officials lost contact about 30 minutes into takeoff. The Bell-212 model helicopter was made in the United States.

It should be noted that Türkiye sent drones and special helicopters to help search for the crashed helicopter. Several other countries came forward to help. The wreckage of the helicopter was finally found with the help of Akinci drones from Bayraktar, Turkey. The Akinci-01 drone detected the presence of heat in the air and pinpointed the wreckage site on Monday morning. The bodies of Raisi and his fellow passengers were later found from there.

Open source flight tracking websites traced the trajectory of the drone. It has been seen that the drone returned to Turkey’s Van region after completing its rescue mission.

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