The strategy adopted by Saudi on the Iran-Israel issue

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 3:44 am

In the ongoing tension after Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel, Saudi Arabia, the leading country in the Middle East, has taken a strategic position on this issue. In a statement, the country’s foreign ministry urged both sides to exercise restraint.

Tehran attacked Tel Aviv for the first time on Saturday night local time. In this ongoing situation, tension prevails throughout the Middle East. Discussions are going on in the international political arena about the position of Saudi Arabia in the Iran-Israel conflict.

Saudi Arabia did not condemn Tehran for the attack in the statement. In addition, they requested the intervention of the United Nations Security Council so that this conflict does not spread.

In addition, this influential country in the Middle East has warned that there may be dire consequences if the tension spreads further.

Meanwhile, Jordan has helped Israel to prevent Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel. The country has shot down several drones that were launched towards Tel Aviv. Iran has warned that it will suffer severe consequences if it helps the Netanyahu administration.

The United States has 5 military bases in Saudi Arabia. Analysts say that the country is in a strategic position because of the fear that if it supports Israel like Jordan, Iran may attack them.

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