CNN Analysis: Israel Strikes Rafah With US-Supplied Bombs

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 11:46 am

Israel used US-supplied bombs to attack a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza. Such information has emerged in the analysis of the American media CNN.

On Sunday (May 26), Israel launched an airstrike on a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza. At least 45 people, including 23 children, women and the elderly, were killed, and more than 200 were injured.

CNN analyzed multiple videos of the attack on the refugee tent. In addition, the experts also reviewed the bomb debris and explosives at the scene. It shows that the Israeli army used GBU-39 bombs supplied by the United States in the attack.

Videos obtained by CNN show a large part of the tented refugee camp in Rafah burning. Many men, women and children are trying hard to protect themselves from that attack. And the rescuers are taking out many bodies including children from the rubble.

Several media including Al-Jazeera said that many people were burnt alive in that attack. The children’s bodies were dismembered by the bomb. The body of a child with its head severed was also found.

Explosive weapons expert Chris Cobb-Smith told CNN on Tuesday (May 28).
The US company Boeing manufactures the GBU-39 bomb. These bombs are used to accurately hit strategically important targets. The damage to the surroundings is relatively less.

However, he added, the use of any bomb, even of this size, in densely populated areas always carries significant risks.

Trevor Ball, a senior member of the US Army’s explosive ordnance disposal team, identified debris from the bomb used in Rafah as a GBU-39. He said, the warhead part of this bomb is different from other bombs and its guidance equipment and wings are exceptional.

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