Flooding due to heavy rain in Saudi Arabia, red alert issued

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 4:07 am

There has been heavy rain in Saudi Arabia. It has accumulated rainwater in various parts of the Middle East country. People’s lives have been disrupted. Due to this red alert has been issued in Madinah.

This information was informed in the report of Gulf News on Tuesday.

The Civil Defense Department of Madina Region has requested the general public to be alert. They urged to stay away from valleys and streams during rains. Besides, it has been asked to take special precautions while transporting agricultural products by road.

In various videos published on social media, it was seen that children are enjoying themselves in the rain in Masjid Nabawi. The amount of rain was so high that the mosque’s canopies were flooded with water.

Cars of common people have been submerged in flood water caused by rains, roads have been blocked in many places and infrastructure has been damaged. Al Is in Madinah receives the most rainfall. Rain water has flooded valleys and various walls.

The Saudi national weather forecast said that Madinah will experience more thunder and rain and strong winds. At the same time, they have issued maximum red alert for Medina.

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