I am not ready to end the ongoing war in Gaza: Netanyahu

Last Updated on June 4, 2024 9:27 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I am not ready to stop the ongoing war in Gaza.” He claimed that US President Joe Biden’s Gaza ceasefire proposal is flawed. News from Anadolu Agency

He made such comments during a secret meeting with the Foreign Ministry and Defense Committee of Israel’s Parliament Knesset, according to the country’s official broadcaster ‘Kan’. Netanyahu said, I am not ready to stop this war.

Netanyahu claims Biden’s cease-fire proposal is flawed. The Israeli Prime Minister said that the outline presented by Biden is biased. The war will be stopped for the purpose of bringing back the hostages and then we will discuss.

Netanyahu added, “We may go to a 42-day ceasefire to bring back the hostages, but we will not abandon the goal of total victory.”

US President Joe Biden unveiled the ceasefire plan last week. It said the ceasefire would be implemented in three phases, with the first phase starting with a six-week ceasefire.

At that time, Israeli troops will be withdrawn from the populated areas of Gaza. Humanitarian aid will be provided. The plan also calls for an exchange of prisoners and hostages between Hamas and Israel.

The United States has expressed hope that Israel will agree to the cease-fire proposal. However, some members of the Israeli cabinet have already taken a stand against the proposal. And lastly, Netanyahu said that he is not ready to stop the war in Gaza.

Israel and Hamas have been at war in Gaza since October last year. The death toll in Gaza has so far exceeded 36,000. Millions were injured.

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