India formed an alliance with America to beat China under the sea

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 9:39 am

India is jointly developing a vehicle with India’s ‘Anadrom Systems’ in association with the American company ‘Ocean Aero’. The name of this new military vehicle is ‘Triton’. This vehicle can run not only on water, but also on the bottom of the sea.

India is going to bring a military vehicle in partnership with the US to increase its naval power and strengthen defenses in the maritime region. Apart from the defense in the maritime area, this vehicle will do multi-purpose work like searching for any mineral or oil deposit in the sea, conducting surveillance, marine research.

India’s ‘Anadrom Systems’ is making this vehicle jointly with the American company ‘Ocean Aero’. This company mainly makes unmanned military aircraft. The ‘Triton’ vehicle is called an ‘Autonomous Underwater and Surface Vehicle’ (AUSV).

Defense experts say this vehicle will revolutionize maritime defense. Triton is expected to revolutionize even ocean research.

This autonomous vehicle will run on solar energy. This vessel immediately alerts the Navy by identifying the direction and depth of the sea, whether any ship or submarine has crossed international waters.

This marine vehicle has ‘ISR’ technology. ie Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. In other words, these vehicles are capable of conducting surveillance as well as gathering information quickly and countermeasures if danger is detected.

Triton’s capabilities have been further enhanced by research over the past two years. More advanced technology has been incorporated. US Navy and Coast Guard Task Forces 59 and 68 use this vehicle. America has also sold this vehicle to several countries.

According to the claim of the American organization “Ocean Aero”, the role of this vehicle is also excellent in risky maritime operations, anti-submarine warfare. The role of these military vehicles in rescue operations, search operations and even coastal surveillance is undeniable.

The joint venture between Anadrone Systems and Ocean Aero is expected to not only strengthen India’s maritime defences, but also enhance its ability to rapidly identify and respond to situations, however challenging. It is also believed that ‘Triton’ will play a special role in confronting China’s undersea submarines.

Defense experts claim that if this military vessel is included in the Indian Navy, there will be a radical change not only in the matter of maritime defense, but also in maritime research.

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