Israel must pay a heavy price: Erdogan

Last Updated on April 14, 2024 4:25 am

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. At this time, he issued a stern warning to Israel.

Anadolu Agency reported this information on Saturday (April 13).

Erdoğan warned Israel that Israel will pay the price for its oppression in Gaza.

Fahrettin Altun, director of Turkey’s communications department, said Erdogan said in a phone conversation with Mahmoud Abbas that all means must be implemented for a ceasefire in Gaza, including the UN Security Council resolution (implementation).

“No matter what, we will stand against Israel’s barbaric attacks on Gaza,” he quoted Erdogan as saying. Israel must pay for this oppression.

Erdogan also stressed the need for unity among all Palestinian groups, Altun told Turkish news outlet TRT Wald. He also stressed the importance of standing firm and united against Israel.

Earlier, the media reported that the Israeli army attacked the car of the TRT Arabic team during the preparation of the broadcast in the Nusirat camp in the Gaza Strip. A cameraman named Sami Shahada was seriously injured. However, in this incident, the reporter of the media, Nami Berhum, escaped unharmed. Turkey’s director of communications expressed deep concern over the attack on media vehicles. He wished the injured journalist a speedy recovery.

Israel has been attacking Gaza since October 7. More than 33 thousand 600 people of Gaza were killed in this attack by the country’s army. On the other hand, 1,200 Israelis were killed in the attack by Hamas, a Palestinian independence organization.

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