Israel said how many more days the war can continue in Gaza

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 1:42 pm

Seven months have passed since Israel’s all-out assault on the Palestinian-besieged Gaza. But there is no sign of the war stopping. Israel’s national security adviser Zachi Hanabi said in an interview with the country’s media that the war could continue for another seven months. That is, the war in Gaza may continue until the end of this year.

Al Jazeera reported that he said this in an interview given to the Israeli media “Kan Public Broadcaster”.

Zachi Hanebi’s interview aired on Israeli media on Wednesday. He said, “We expect to continue fighting for another seven months to completely destroy the military and governance capabilities of Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad.”

Zachi Hanabi said this at a time when Israel is increasingly isolated in the international arena due to the war that has lasted for almost eight months. Even major allies, including the United States, have begun to express anger at Israel as civilian casualties in Gaza mount.

Zachi Hanebi argued in favor of the ongoing Israeli operation in Rafah, bordering Gaza with Egypt.

He said that since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, the border area has been turned into a “smuggling state”.

A peace treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979. Under the terms of that agreement, a narrow buffer zone was established between Gaza and Egypt. Its name is ‘Philadelphia Corridor’. In a televised message on Wednesday, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari announced that it had taken control of the area.

Egypt expressed deep concern in this incident. The country says such actions by Israeli forces in Rafah clearly risk violating the terms of the 1979 peace accord.

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