Israeli soldiers enter the mosque and burn the Holy Quran

Last Updated on May 26, 2024 6:47 am

An Israeli soldier burned the Holy Quran in a mosque in the besieged Gaza Strip. A video related to this has gone viral on social media. Apart from this, pictures and videos of burning of Quran and other religious books have been published in several places.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) police department has vowed to investigate the incident after the video went viral.

The Israeli soldiers published several videos and pictures of burning the Koran on social media. The Palestinians later shared them on their accounts.

A video shows a soldier holding a Koran in the Rafah area. Then he threw it into the fire.

Another photo shows a soldier standing in front of a bookshelf inside Aqsa University in Gaza City. At that time, the books on the back shelf were on fire.

In response to these incidents, the defense forces said their police department was investigating them. After the investigation, the report will be sent to the Military Advocate General.

Besides, the defense force has also condemned the incident of burning Quran. They said it was against their principles and they respect all religions.

Sources: Anadolu Agency, The Times of Israel

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