Israel’s secret preparations for air strikes on Iran

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 3:27 am

The situation in the Middle East has been heated since the Iranian attack on Israel. Now there are many equations going on whether Israel will strike back or take another path. In this regard, a video published on a YouTube channel called ‘End Time Secrets’ has shed light on various issues. The video has already got 42 thousand views.

It says that Israel is secretly planning an airstrike on Iran. 70,000 followers are expected to leave Iran. Several of the missiles fired by Iran were shot down by Israel. There is also strong talk that Saudi Arabia has acted on Israel’s behalf. However, Saudi Arabia denied the allegations. Again, a person from the Saudi Arabian authorities said anonymously, they acted against Iran.

On the other hand, ultra-orthodox Jews have talked about a shawl. It is said that even if you see the shawl they wear, you can understand where things are going. Israel is going to make one of the biggest changes to its military. First we have to see if Israel has some kind of inner friendship with Iran, many try to say. Especially those who are Sunni say.

History says that Iran had good relations with Israel until 1979. So, when the state of Israel was first established, Iran recognized it. The two countries later worked side by side in the Middle East. Iran was then led by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He is a western backed leader, he works for westerners. At that time, Israel and Iran used to help each other. Israel used to help Iran in agriculture. They trained the army. Israel even trained the armed forces of Iran. In return Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi used to give oil to Israel. Because Israel needs oil.

Meanwhile, an incident happened. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who was believed to be his followers, burnt down the Rex cinema in 1978. At that time the Islamic revolution against Reza Shah Pahlavi was being prepared. At that time, 377 people died in the burning of the theater. Then there was a panic all over the world. Then the Jews in Iran were shaken. They think that danger is ahead.

Iran once had the second largest Jewish majority after Israel. There are over 20,000 Jews there. After these events Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took power. Then a treaty was made with the Jews. What the deal was was made public. It is said that if you do any espionage or any work against the Islamic Revolution from Iran, then you will have to suffer the consequences. In which 377 people died in the fire in the cinema hall. When the Jews agreed, they began to live in Iran in fear. After that, Israel’s conflict with Iran reached its climax. Then Iran started speaking for Palestine. Many say that Iran mainly wants to gain the support of the Sunni majority in the Middle East by speaking on behalf of Palestine and Iran wants to lead the Islamic world. Many also say that Iran is doing it from the heart.

Israel’s conflict with Iran then escalated in 1982, when Israel sent troops into Southern Lebanon. Then when civil war broke out in Lebanon, Iran sent troops to save their Shiite population, and the conflict escalated. Then the world-wide view of the Da-Kumra relationship between Iran and Israel was revealed. Iran then began to create a ring of enemies from all around Israel. Where there are Shia interests, Iran funds and surrounds Israel, as in Yemen, the Houthi Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. All are funded by Iran. Assists with weapons. Also, Iran supports the anti-Israel alliances in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. It is a threat to Israel’s existence.

Israel is not sitting still. Soleimani was killed in the latest attack after Iran’s Hassan Nasrallah. But they are doing them one after another. Wanting to crush Iran. Although Iran wants to cover up its nuclear progress, Israel knows that Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Whenever it is seen that Iran advances a little, it suddenly starts attacking Israel.

Israel’s biggest fear is when Iran meets America. They think that they can have a relationship with America. Reuters did a report – only five American prisoners were with Iran, they were released in exchange for six billion dollars and Iran was being told – this is how they are extorting money from the West.

The latest news is that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear sites at any moment. But Israel wants to stop Iran in many ways. One of them is striking, creating internal problems. In Iran, the anti-hijab movement started after a few days. There are religious police, they struggle to deal with it. Even in recent times, Azadia Square, an important place in Iran, has been used to chant slogans against the Islamic Revolution. That means, the government that is in Iran is facing a lot of opposition. It is surprising to see some of the current events – the conflict there is at a serious level.

Fayza Hashemi Rafsanjani is the daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He showed a logic, saying that Iran has good relations with China, which persecutes Uyghur Muslims. Muslims are being persecuted in Russia and have a good relationship with them, but saying the same thing, why is it not doing good with Israel who is persecuting the Palestinians?
Tehran University politics professor Sadek Zibakalam says that Iran’s anti-Israel policy should be cancelled. In this, Iran has become isolated in the world.

In that video it is said – Do the people of Iran actually support their rulers or are they in favor of the Islamic revolution? But the matter is shaking. Last Eid, the Sunni Muslims of Iran raised strong objections against the current regime in Iran. They are being told that we are not getting the rights that we have. There is no separate mosque for Sunnis, they are repressed in different ways, it has also come out in a report.

10 percent of the core population are Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims are seen as anti-government. The recent attack on Israel by Iran is also divided into two parts. Another report showed that the majority of people in their country do not support the attack that Iran has carried out. Because they also have ups and downs with the westerners. In this case, a large coalition is also emerging for Israel.

Meanwhile, a drastic change is coming to Israel’s military. In Israel, it was seen that the secular people were the majority in the army, but now it is being said that more people are needed in the army. Now the Jews who are ultra-orthodox are being included. Although many say, the ultra-orthodox Jews are like the Brahmins of the Hindus. They will only do dharma-karma. Why do they go to the army?

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