Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will be ours: Indian Defense Minister

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 4:19 am

Md Khayrul Bashar, Senior Reporter:

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, ‘People of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) want to be a part of India. We are also hopeful that the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will join us.

He made this comment on India TV’s program ‘Up Ki Kahtal’ on Sunday.

When asked about Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s comments on Kashmir at that time, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, ‘Have they ever managed to take Kashmir? They should be worried about Occupied Kashmir.’

He said, “I said a year and a half ago, even if we don’t attack that Kashmir, it will continue.” The situation there is now such that people want to be a part of India.

Asked whether the government has taken any action in this regard, Rajnath said, “I will not say anything else.” I shouldn’t even say. We are not attacking any country. India does not have the characteristics to attack any country in the world. We do not even attack any occupied territory.

The Defense Minister said, “Pakistan occupied Kashmir was ours. I still think it’s us. I hope that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will become part of India.

Last February, Amjad Ayub Mirza, a political activist in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, said that the people of the area were disappointed under Pakistan. They now want to be part of India. They are disappointed with Pakistan elections. There will be more such elections in the future. They can also become a part of India. That will give you freedom.

When asked whether China will attack India, Rajnath said, ‘The sense of not making such a mistake is their direction. India does not attack any country. But we will not sit back if any country attacks. But the real truth is that we have good relations with our neighbors.

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