Israeli hostage dies in Gaza due to food shortage

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 4:22 am

Palestinian armed group Hamas has released a video of an Israeli hostage. They said that the 34-year-old hostage died due to lack of food.

On October 7, Hamas attacked various illegal settlements in Israel. At that time, they arrested about 250 people in Gaza. More than 100 hostages were released in the last week of November, but Hamas still holds more than 130 hostages.

Hamas wrote in the caption of the video, although he (the hostage) survived the attack by Israeli forces. But he could not survive the shortage of food and medicine. Just as the people of Gaza are suffering from food and medicine shortages due to the siege, your hostages will suffer as well.

Israel has not allowed anything from food to medicine into Gaza since the war began. The people of Gaza are not getting huge relief from different countries of the world. Most of the people are starving due to this.

Mohamed Sousa, the regional governor of Egypt’s Sinai, said that 7,000 relief trucks are now waiting to enter Egypt. However, occupying Israel has withheld these reliefs. They say they will test them first. Aid will then be allowed to enter Gaza. And because of the Israelis, the relief trucks are standing now.

However, Israel has denied these allegations. They claimed that access to food, medicine and shelter materials was not being impeded.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres visited the Rafah border in Egypt on Saturday. He said in his speech, now is the time to flood Gaza with relief. He also alleged that Israel is spreading anger among everyone by withholding aid.

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