Qatar may close Hamas office in Doha

Last Updated on May 5, 2024 2:58 am

Qatar is playing the role of a mediator to find a way to end the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas through negotiations.

In this regard, the country’s government is reassessing its role. According to a Qatari official, a decision will be made on the basis of which the political office of Hamas will remain in the capital Doha or it will be closed.

An official familiar with the Qatari government’s review told Reuters on Saturday.

Qatar is considering whether to allow Hamas to continue running its political offices, the official said. Along with that, Qatar government is also reviewing some other issues. This includes whether or not the country should act as a mediator in ending the Gaza war.

Just last month, the Qatari government said it was reassessing its role as a mediator in indirect talks between Israel and Hamas.

The official added that there would be no point for the government to have a political office of Hamas in Doha if Qatar did not mediate. So they are reassessing the matter.

The official could not say whether the Qatari government would order Hamas leaders to leave the country if it decided to close the political office of Hamas.

He also said that Qatar’s own assessment will depend a lot on how Israel and Hamas respond to the ongoing talks to end the Gaza war.

Qatar has been harboring Hamas political leaders since 2012 under an agreement with the United States.

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