Israel’s ground operation in Rafah, Hamas is taking a new strategy

Last Updated on May 11, 2024 1:42 pm

Israeli forces have launched a ground operation in Gaza’s Rafah. The Palestinian armed group Hamas is launching a new offensive against the advancing Israeli forces in Rafah. As a result, Israeli forces are facing obstacles, war observers report.

Palestinian fighters launched three tactically sophisticated attacks on Israeli forces in Rafah on Friday. Aljazeera news.

According to the report, three attacks — thermobaric bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-personnel rockets were used in multi-stage attacks, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP).

On Friday, Hamas and other fighters launched 18 attacks on Israeli forces in East Rafah, according to reports.

It is also said that these attacks are planned by Hamas in advance. Hamas has adopted new tactics to counter Israeli attacks, emphasizing the need for coordination and organization. Hamas fighters may launch attacks against Israeli forces with integrated combat units

It should be noted that since the unprecedented cross-border attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel has continued to carry out continuous air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip. Thousands of buildings including hospitals, schools, refugee camps, mosques, churches have been damaged or destroyed by the Israeli attack.

Another 39 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza on Friday. So far the death toll has reached close to 35,000. At least 78,572 people have been injured so far. Many people are still trapped under the rubble and on the streets. Rescuers cannot reach them.

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