Hezbollah unveiled new missiles to destroy Israeli forces

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 8:30 am

Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon’s Islamic resistance movement have used new missiles to fight against Zionist Israel. In a brief statement, Hezbollah said several “Jihad Mughnia” missiles were fired at an Israeli military base near Sheba Farm in occupied Lebanon.

Jihad Mughniya is a former Hezbollah fighter who was martyred in a 2015 attack by Israeli spies. A new missile is named after him.

Hezbollah said in its statement that the new missile hit its specific target perfectly and caused considerable damage. Earlier, Hezbollah fighters attacked an Israeli reconnaissance military vehicle with several missiles. In addition, Hezbollah launched a missile attack on some technical devices deployed in Hunin barracks in Israel.

Hezbollah fighters have been attacking the occupiers in support of the Palestinians since Israel launched its invasion of Gaza on October 7. They declared that Hezbollah’s attacks will not stop until Israel stops its aggression in Gaza.

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