Myanmar forces lose control of Thai border bridge

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 3:03 am

Myanmar’s military-ruled government is battling armed rebel groups in several regions. Junta forces have suffered back-to-back defeats in many battles in the border region. Insurgent groups have also taken control of several important cities in the country in the past few months. They have become overwhelming in the border areas.

The fighters of KNU, Arakan Army and other rebel groups are occupying army bases and important places one after another. Myanmar’s military has lost control of a bridge linking a border town with neighboring Thailand in days of fighting with anti-junta rebel forces.

Myawaddy town in Myanmar is located near Maso town in Thailand. Local media and a spokesman for an ethnic armed group said the bridge is connected to several important cities in Myanmar. The junta lost control of a key border crossing after the bridge fell under the control of rebel groups.

The rebel group Karen National Union (KNU) is leading the fight against the junta forces in the city. About 200 fleeing junta troops have gathered at the Thai border crossing, said KNU spokesman Saw Thaw Ni. So far, the Thai government has not given shelter to the junta soldiers. When Reuters asked the spokesperson of the Myanmar junta government about this, they did not give any answer.

A few days ago, the KNU said that they attacked an army base in Mayawaddi and forced the surrender of 600 soldiers and their families. Meanwhile, since this incident, Thailand has strengthened its military power to protect its borders.

The junta government’s position in the fight between Myanmar’s junta and armed resistance fighters is very shaky. The army has been overwhelmed by the attacks of the rebel groups in different areas.

In the last 22 days, the rebels took over more than 60 army bases in the state.

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